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driving lessons Hereford

If you have been repeatedly failing your driving test then it may come to your surprise and welcome relief it is probably not your fault. The driving test is designed so that everyone can pass, all you need to do is show you are capable of driving to a certain standard by yourself and have the skills, knowledge and understanding to be safe on the road.

Hope is not a strategy for success so before you go into your driving test you should know with confidence that you are ready. You should not have any doubts and not be relying on luck or a happy driving examiner. 

When I meet someone who has had some difficulty passing the driving test I have two aims.  The first is to get to the nub of issue and work out the cause of the faults that have been occurring.  Car control is rarely the reason people fail.  Most people can move, stop and steer the car well enough by the time they take a test.  Faults occur for a number or reasons such as nerves, anxiety in traffic, adopting an unnatural driving style due to a false perception of examiner expectation or gaps in your knowledge and understanding.  

The second aim for me is to develop a strategy to deal with the cause of the problem.  Rather than repeatedly driving around tests routes and covering the same junction, roundabout or stretch of road I will aim to develop a deeper understanding of what is safe.   Simply put if you can display to the examiner that you know how to and can drive safely you will pass your driving test.    In other words by working together we will fix the problem and rather than cover the symptoms.  

You will find is your preparation and confidence increasing to a point where you know you have the ability to pass your driving test and therefore you will.

Give me a call today and explain your story, tell me what has been happening and together we can put you in a position for getting your driving licence.

For a free and friendly chat about your next move get in touch here or if you want to know more about how I can help you read my blog article on What happens if I failed my driving test?

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