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driving lessons Hereford
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Confidence Building
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driving lessons Hereford
At Safepass Driver Training we meet many new learner drivers who would describe themselves as being short of confidence when it comes to being behind a steering wheel. Some do just have a small lack of confidence and that is very very normal, where others can feel quite anxious and nervous. You’ll be surprised to learn at just how many people are like this, so if that describes you, not to worry…

When you are feeling somewhat nervy it can be a bit of an obstacle so what I do to help you is work on the things you would like to try and importantly, how you would like to try. So for example let’s say you have never driven before and you are worried about driving straight and other cars on the road. What we will do is start you in a very quiet area free from traffic, and put you on a straight road. You will learn at your own pace, knowing that all times I can take control of the car.

Our aim is to make small simple steps when you can take control and feel comfortable. This way you will be able to develop your skills and your confidence will grow accordingly.

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