driving lessons Hereford
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Beginner Lessons
Pass Your Driving Test…
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Whatever your knowledge or skill level lessons structured to suit you

driving lessons Hereford
You are are about to start an unforgettable journey with Safe Pass Driver Training, one which will change your life forever. No longer will you have to rely on lifts and you can go wherever you want, whenever you like.

Driving your own car will bring many new social, domestic and employment/educational opportunities to you because you can independently get to places you couldn’t reach before.

When you take my beginner lessons I am going to show you how to be a safe driver and how to pass your driving test right from the very first lesson. I will help you get through your theory test with free access to the best online material available and then we can get down to business and book your practical test.

I want your lessons to be fun, and a proper learning experience where not only do your skills improve but your understanding and knowledge can develop so you will feel for yourself that you are getting better and closer to test standard.

To get started get in touch today so we can discuss your situation and work out a plan.

driving lessons hereford

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