Driving lessons and tests in Hereford

October is getting busy and exciting as I have 3 customers with driving tests in Hereford booked.  I am working closely with all three to fully prepare them for their test and I am confident all three can pass. Of course no one can be complacent but that is something I am paying close attention to much of what we talk about in the run up to test is about personal preparation and strategies for dealing with nerves and how best to show the examiner the very best drive possible.

I will ride along with as many tests as I can to not only aid my own development but in the unfortunate event of a fail I can listen to and interpret the examiners debrief as the test candidate will not hear anything after the pass/fail verdict.  That way I am best placed to either challenge the decision (if appropriate) or fix the fault for any subsequent test.  Of course the candidate gets to decide if I go along as it is their test but I am hoping all will agree.  Unless of course the Test Center Manager sits in to observe the examiner in which case I will step aside and wait nervously at the test center for their return and listen in to the debrief from the side of the car.

I will of course update the site on the results of each test and hope I can post smiley pictures of people with pass certificates.

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Driving Lessons in Hereford

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