Passing the driving test in Hereford

Another driving test success this week by a customer of Safe Pass Driver Training although a completely different situation to the previous one. I was asked by an individual who held an international driving licence, and was coming up to the point of needing a full UK license, to assist him in preparing for his driving test. Within the first few minutes of driving it was clear he was safe and competent and just needed a few pointers to deliver the driving display the examiner would be looking for.

We quickly and easily covered the manoeuvres using explanation, demonstration and imitation. We worked on polishing his general driving techniques and it may come as no surprise that we worked on his Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre routine. A mock test was conducted which served to highlight some areas which needed some attention and as importantly we were able to discuss what was good about his driving. We also had a chance to familiarise with the Driving Test Centre in Hereford and talk about what could be expected from the examiner to alleviate the natural anxiousness that surrounds any test regardless of ability or experience.

We had just 3 hours together but it was long enough to get to know each other a bit and I am genuinely pleased to have been able to help this man to be able to continue in his employment and look after his family.

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Driving Lessons in Hereford

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