Driving Theory Test in Hereford

A big well done to Josh B who passed his Driving Theory Test today with an outstanding scores of 48/50 for the multiple choice and 70/75 for the Hazard Perception Test. Josh used https://safe-pass-driver-training.theorytestpro.co.uk/ for study and practice. Full access to this fantastic resource, ,including free app download for smartphone or tablet, is provided free of charge to all customers.

Passing the driving test in Hereford

Another driving test success this week by a customer of Safe Pass Driver Training although a completely different situation to the previous one. I was asked by an individual who held an international driving licence, and was coming up to the point of needing a full UK license, to assist him in preparing for his driving test. Within the first few minutes of driving it was clear he was safe and competent and just needed a few pointers to deliver the driving display the examiner would be looking for.

We quickly and easily covered the manoeuvres using explanation, demonstration and imitation. We worked on polishing his general driving techniques and it may come as no surprise that we worked on his Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre routine. A mock test was conducted which served to highlight some areas which needed some attention and as importantly we were able to discuss what was good about his driving. We also had a chance to familiarise with the Driving Test Centre in Hereford and talk about what could be expected from the examiner to alleviate the natural anxiousness that surrounds any test regardless of ability or experience.

We had just 3 hours together but it was long enough to get to know each other a bit and I am genuinely pleased to have been able to help this man to be able to continue in his employment and look after his family.

Passing the Driving test in Hereford

Driving Instructor Hereford
Driving Test Hereford

I paced like an expectant father as I waited for Pupil A to return the Driving Test Centre (DTC) in Hereford yesterday.  I am not sure who was the most nervous of the two us but I certainly know who did all the hard work and earned herself a well deserved pass with just 5 minor faults along the way.

I had asked if I could observe the test from the back seat however Pupil A thought that would heap extra pressure on her so respecting that decision I took my place in the waiting room and made small talk with a fellow driving instructor. (Actually it was a an interesting chat about the industry especially when we were joined by the regional Senior Examiner, who was their on other business, the very same fellow who took me on my Part 2 & 3 tests just a few months ago.) Just as well I did get in the back seat really as the Test Centre manager chose this test as one where she would ride along and observe the Examiner.  This is something that the DVSA do to ensure consistency and the development of their staff and is not something to be feared if it were to happen to you.

After a short warm and a recap on the ‘show me tell me’ questions we arrived at the DTC with time to prepare and relax a little before the process began.  At that stage it was all over to Pupil A and I had no further part in her success.  I will not tell her story of the test except to say that from the sound of it she was fully prepared for what she encountered and nothing really took her by surprise; except I think a bus emerging from a really tight junction as she was about to turn into it!!

At the end of the test I eagerly awaited the signal form the examiner that it was OK to walk over to the car and listen to the test result and the debrief.  It was not immediately clear to me what the result was as Pupil A was fairly non emotional and I had difficulty hearing what was being said form outside the car with the door open .  After looking over the examiners marking sheet however I soon saw the beautiful tick in the pass box and if I am to be honest heard very little of the de-brief points from that moment for I was more than a little overcome with joy and happiness for Pupil A and, I must confess, also a little for myself.

After the examiner had finished and the paperwork complete we had a little moment of self congratulations and some big smiles before the photo opportunity to show the world.  The journey back to Pupil A’s home was tinged with a little sadness that it would be the last time I would be travelling that road so much have I enjoyed not only helping her to learn but have enjoyed getting to know her.  I will see her again soon though as she has asked me to take her on a Motorway soon and I look forward to extending her experience in that way.  I wish her all the best for the future and truly feel privileged to have been able to contribute to the positive affect a full driving licence can bring to a persons lifestyle.