Driving Instructor Hereford – 6/9/2015

It was back in February this year (2015) that I decided to become a driving instructor.  I had harboured thoughts of entering the profession for some time as I have always enjoyed and helping people to learn and have some experience as a driver trainer all be it in a very different setting aiming to achieve different outcomes.  After 6 months of devoting endless hours thinking, reading, watching and practicing my own driving knowledge, understanding and skills I finally qualified at the end of June.  One month later my car was on my driveway and I had a handful of customers eagerly awaiting my services.

6 weeks in now and I am facing next week my busiest period yet with 21 hours of tuition booked in the diary and my first pupil ( I will call her Pupil A) taking her practical driving test on Wednesday.

Pupil A contacted me when I was offering unlimited driving lessons for a fixed fee before I launched the business.  My reason for offering that was that I wanted to be busy straight away even if it might mean it would cost me in the long run.  Well for the price of around 30 hours of tuition Pupil A has had 40 hours over the last 6 weeks but the experience I have gained has been priceless.  We have been on an amazing journey together both learning loads during every session which have generally been 3 or 4 hours at time (with breaks of course!)

I was told by experienced instructors back in June that I need not worry about being a new instructor as al I had to do was stay ahead of the pupil.  Well it has not been as easy as that as it has taken a great deal of work preparing for and thinking about each session carefully.   That said I do maintain that as the instructor I have the easiest job in the car.  It is the learner doing all the hard work.  Learning is by definition harder than teaching.

I  have enjoyed every session and Pupil A has been great – even when I have not been.  Not once has she complained  – even when I have directed her down yet another dead end. Just as well we did turning around quite early in the process!  I am really looking forward to her practical test and I do believe she is ready and able to pass.  A mock test conducted by a friend and colleague last week went very well – if you do not count the speeding incident – and the overall test preparation seems to have gone well.  We have one last session tomorrow and apart from putting some polish on the manoeuvres we plan to deal with some areas that highlighted themselves last week as being in need of some development.

I will let you know how her last driving lesson in Hereford goes and how she does on her test.


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Driving Lessons in Hereford

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